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Balle di fieno Vino Auditorium Enzo Ferrari Ferrari in piazza Colline di Maranello

Maranello terra del mito

Maranello and Ferrari: an indissoluble pair that since 1943 has characterized the history and image of the city. Here, in the historical factory in via Giardini, Enzo Ferrari designed and built all his road and racing cars. Here, passion, innovation and technology are still joining together to create GT and Formula 1 cars, produced by the most famous motor industry in the world!

In Maranello suggestive names of streets, parks, buildings, commercial activities and monuments recall the history of Ferrari and the Prancing Horse. The Ferrari citadel spreads on a 250.000 mq area, and it has been designed by famous architect such as Jean Nouvel, Marco Visconti, Massimiliano Fuksas and Luigi Sturchio, while Renzo Piano designed the futurist Wind Tunnel.

True custodian of the myth, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello is the Company’s official museum, and every year it is visited by more than 200.000 enthusiasts, coming from all over the world. The official exhibiton houses vintage and modern cars, pictures and throphies that have made famous the name of the brand. Red Campus didactic laboratory is an interactive space where students of junior-high and high schools, but also other young people visiting the Museum with their families, have the opportunity to expand on some important concepts they have studied at school through simulations and games.

The ancient aspect of the city is not so well-known, but as much charming. Among the hills surrounding Maranello, it is still possible to perceive the origins and traditions that characterize the small emilian village. It will conquer the visitors thanks to its sweet smell and flavour, the result of the work of all the little farms and handicraft activities still present. The small family business are the keepers of an ancient wine and gastronomical tradition. Balsamic vinegar, raw ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, lambrusco and walnut liqueur, as well as homemade stuffed pasta and the typical flavours of rustic cooking are just some of the specialities that it is possible to buy or taste. The same traditional dishes that Enzo Ferrari loved. 

Moreover, the presence of farms and didactic farms offers a hospitality in a direct contact with nature and tradition.

Maranello is deeply characterized by the industrial development and easily joins together tradition and modernity, to create a city on a human scale with a wide variety of services to satisfy any request. It is possible to find a lot of shops selling typical products and in which do some shopping. Cafeterias and ice-cream parlours are available as well, as all the activities for wellness and relax. 

Who would like to stay overnight in the city of the Prancing Horse has the possibility to choose among prestigious hotels linked with Ferrari and more informal solutions, deep inside nature. 

Since 60 years, Maranello has been a touristic destination from all over the world. The city represents a meeting point for all the motor enthusiasts, who would like to live the Myth experience. The travel agencies and the tourist services propose package tours, guided tours and tours to discover our territory, in order to find out all the facets of the Land of the Myth.

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Piazza Libertà, 33 - 41053 Maranello (MO)

tel. (+39) 0536 240 011 
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e-mail: info@maranelloterradelmito.it

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“Maranello Terra del Mito” Consortium
33, Libertà square - 41053 Maranello (MO)
phone (+39) 0536 240 011 - fax (+39) 0536 942 263
E-mail: info@maranelloterradelmito.it
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