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Giro di Gusto

Bike MaranelloThe event “Giro di Gusto” will be back also this year, a wonderful day discovering Maranello territory and its local products, organized by Avap, Greenthink, Ciclo-natura and Gli Amici del Cavallo with the patronage of Maranello Municipality and the Maranello Terra del Mito Consortium.

The initiative will take place on Sunday 15th September: along the itinerary there will be more than 10 refreshment points in which it will be possible to taste the products of local farms and producers.
The “Giro di Gusto” will be accessible in several ways: by walking and nordic walking, in a 10km route among the countryside and naturalistic routes, together with Avap and Greenthink; an excursion of about 35 km off-road and 600 m altitude gap will be dedicated to mountainbikes, together with Ciclonatura (a minimum training and a helmet are required); an excursion of about 15 km among the hills and natu-ralistic routes by citybike and together with Avap; a horse ride of about 15 km together with Gli Amici del Cavallo of Gorzano.
The appointment will be on Sunday 15th September at 8.00 am in Piazza Libertà, Maranello.
The ticket will be 15,00 € for those who will register within 11th September.

For further information visit the event’s website www.girodigusto.it  

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