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Beetles in Maranello

On Saturday 31st May and on Sunday 1st June, the event “Maggiolini in Maranello” will take place in Maranello: a meeting dedicated to all the air-cooled Volkswagen!
For those who intend to take part into the event, pre-enrolment is compulsory within 27th April, for a VW Beetles in Maranellomaximum of 60 cars.

The programme of the event will be as follows: 

On Saturday 31st May, at 8.30 am the subscriptions will be collected in piazza Matteotti in Maranello. Following, at 1.00 pm lunch by a local restaurant. From 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm, the visit to the Ferrari Museum and a Balsamic vinegar factory are scheduled.
At 8.00 pm, dinner at the restaurant “Maranello Made in Red” in piazza Libertà, in Maranello, and at 9.00 pm the “Drive in”, with the projection of the film “Herbie: Fully Loaded”. Overnight stay in local hotels.
On Sunday 1st June at 9.00 am meeting in piazza Libertà in Maranello. At 10.00 am, departure for the tour “The Drake’s route”, a panoramic tour of about 52 km through the hills where the Drake used to test his Ferrari cars. At 11.00 am, aperitif stop and visit at the “Poggi” wine factory at Le Casette farm. At 1.30 pm, lunch at Casone di Sotto farm and rewards. At 5.00 pm, greetings and conclusion of the manifestation.

Prices: 2-day subscriptions: 60,00 € per person + 15,00 € per car/20,00 € children under 10 years old. Subscriptions for Sunday: 30,00 € per person + 15,00 € per car/10,00 € children under 10.

The event has been organized by Maranello Terra del Mito Consortium and Amici del Maggiolino Maranello Club in collaboration with Casone di Sotto farm.

Info: maggiolinomaranello@gmail.com  

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