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The Mayors of Maranello and Fiorano meet the Prince of Monaco

Meeting Prince of Monaco

The Mayors of Maranello and Formigine met the Prince of Monaco. On Wednesday 11th September, on the occasion of the visit of Maranello and Fiorano Municipalities’ delegations in Montecarlo, the Mayors Lucia Bursi and Claudio Pistoni were welcomed by Alberto II of Monaco. Ombretta Guerri, president of the Maranello Terra del Mito Consortium, and Georges Marsan, the Mayor of Monaco, were also present at the meeting. The meeting is a result of the collaboration between Maranello, the city of Ferrari, and the Principality that houses the traditional Formula 1 Grand Prix, after a visit in Maranello of the Mayor of Monaco in 2012. On the occasion, the Mayors of Maranello and Fiorano offered a basket full of Consortium’s typical products, a triptyque of medals dedicated to Enzo Ferrari, a print of the Blessed Mary of Fiorano castle and a Raku ceramic vase.
The visit in Montecarlo coincided with the Abbey Road International celebrations, Richard Lord’s record company, the author of the song “Maranello” who performed in Maranello during the event “Notte Rossa”.
The meeting with Prince Alberto is included in the appointments’ programme “Maranello a Monaco”, a series of tastings, degustations and presentations of typical products of Maranello scheduled from 11th to 13th September 2013 in Condamine, where the traditional market of Monaco is located: a three-days of gastronomical and motor-sporting friendship between two cities so bounded with the myth of engines.

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