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New Year’s Eve in the city square!

On Tuesday 31st December 2013, on the occasion of New Year’s Eve, the Maranello Terra del Mito Consortium and the Municipality, thanks to private sponsors, will celebrate the new year together with the citizens in piazza Libertà.

The programme:

- at 11.00 pm live music with Fandango Cover Band;
- at midnight panettone and toast;
- at 00,15 pm fireworks;
- following, live music with Fandango Cover Band until 1.00 am
- and before the party.. come and eat in the restaurants and pizzerias in Maranello!
- At the Maranello Made in Red Cafè: “San Silvestro happy hour”, toast and sparkling wines with a rich buffet. From 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

Fireworks will take place also in case of bad weather.

Parking areas: piazza Enzo Ferrari, piazzale Messineo, piazza Unità d’Italia

Artistic direction: Gp Eventi. Maranello New Year’s Eve is sponsored by privates.

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