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The Made in Red trademark at the tourist fair

Until Saturday 19th October the official trademark of Maranello, Maranello Made in Red, will be at the TTG Incontri in Rimini, the most important international business to business fair of the Italian touristic field.
At the stand A4 there will be the preview of the initiative Maranello Welcome, created, promoted and managed by Maranello Communication S.r.l., with the partnership of the Maranello Terra del Mito Consortium, included in the project Maranello Travel by Made in Red S.r.l..
The project Maranello Travel An Italian Tourist Project, included in the maxi-category Maranello Hospitality for the implementation and the spread of Maranello Made in Red trademark, foresees a long-serving agreement between Made in Red S.r.l. and Maranello Terra del Mito, which aim is to develop touristic activities also with the Consortium trademark. The project’s goal is to spread the image connected to the official trademark of Maranello concerning products and tourist services in an international context, in order to promote the territory of Maranello, its activities and the surrounding areas (such as Fiorano Modenese, Formigine, Modena, Sassuolo) all over Italy and abroad. In-coming initiatives will aim to draw tourists and convey Maranello and the Land of the Myth “besides Ferrari” as a tourist attraction all over the world.
Maranello Travel addresses to all the tourist operators, local, national and international ones, and works for the partnership and the valorisation of Maranello and surrounding areas, both offline and online: tour operators, travel agencies, tourist services businesses, single activities and traders working in the field of hospitality and catering businesses. The first real activity is Maranello Welcome, an initiative born by a Maranello Communication’s idea that was launched during the TTG 2013.
Maranello Communication is the creator, the promoter and the manager of Maranello Welcome, with the support of Maranello Made in Red and the collaboration with Maranello Terra del Mito Consortium, the reference point of the Tourist Information Office (IAT). The aim of Maranello Welcome at the TTG is to display and offer services and products of Maranello and surrounding areas to national and international tour operators, in order to organize “taylor made” travels, promoted and offered by Maranello Made in Red Trademark.
The website www.maranellowelcome.com #YOUMAKETRIP will be also launched during the fair, an interactive website dedicated to the visitors and thought to help them decide among several activities in the Land of the Myth. Tourists will have the chance to arrange their trip in Maranello and surroundings creating a perfect stay and the appropriate route “made in red” along the streets of the Myth.

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